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Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

George Wenz
Lymphedema – Osteoarthritis – Peripheral Neuropathy
For almost 20 years I have had aches and pains in both my legs. In the last five years the pain had reached the point that I had extreme difficulty in walking, climbing stairs and even standing up after sitting for any length of time. My right leg and ankle were swollen due to rupturing my Achilles tendon in 1987 and my doctor (after a successful operation) said I would have to live with these conditions. On June 26,2006 I had my first CuraeLase treatment on both knees, right leg and right ankle. Within the first three sessions there was a considerable reduction in the swelling and pain and after five more treatments I am now walking normally without any pain at all. CuraeLase hasn’t cured my slice but I am now able to walk and play nine holes of golf almost every day.